Sewing shops today have a very hard time competing with online shops on both price and selection. However, there are many benefits to a local shop like Daley by the Yard. Personal service, same day product delivery, on site repairnew machines to test are just a few…

I believe there’s a place for local quilt shops in the current retail landscape, but there’s no denying the sewing and quilting landscape is shifting quickly and dramatically. Consumers don’t need quilt shops for what we used to need them for. They are no longer the exclusive or best source for a key element in quilt making – premium fabrics.

Then what do we need quilt shops for? What will make a shop survive and thrive through this shift?

Many of Daley by the Yard customers tell us that what brings them back to our store is NOT price, selection or even location, but the attitude and feel of the shop…We bend over backwards to make you feel welcome and not rushed. Our clients are welcomed to simply browse. We want you to feel welcomed. Remember when you visit, our store staff are wonderful: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, love to share their opinions on their likes.

What a local sewing shop has that no online shop can ever have is in-person interactions. No amount of blogging or photo sharing or video making can ever compete with the experience of one-on-one help that a knowledgeable, caring person can give you as a customer, whether that’s through a class held at the shop or just a retail purchase. The feeling you get when you’re in the shop is directly dependent on the people who work there and how they interact with you. Do you feel like you belong?

We should certainly support our local quilt shops, even if it means paying a dollar more per yard for fabric, but local quilt shops are equally responsible for embracing their customer. Please visit Daley by the Yard for a truly rewarding experience.

Posted by DaleyByTheYard Admin Friday, October 20, 2017 12:39:00 PM


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