Symptom: The machine is looping underneath the fabric

Most possible cause: Thread is not in the upper tension device, or the upper tension device is set too low. Try rethreading the top of your machine with your presser foot up. When you put your presser foot down, the upper tension closes and gets tight on your thread, so if you’re threading the machine with the presser foot down, there’s a very good likelihood that your thread is not in the device. Normally, your upper thread tension should be between 3 and 5.

Symptom: The machine is jamming

Example: The machine runs, but the fabric doesn’t feed, and results in tangles of thread underneath your fabric.

Most possible cause: Your thread is not in the take-up lever. The purpose of the take up lever is to provide tension to the thread while the needle is down so there is no slack on the thread. If you’ve missed the take up lever, there is too much slack on the thread resulting in a jam.

  • Generally, if there is an issue underneath your fabric, the issue is in the top of the machine.

Symptom: The machine isn’t stitching, or is skipping stitches.

Most probable cause: You have a needle problem. If the machine will not stitch at all, check to see if your needle is inserted correctly and pushed all the way up. Home sewing machine needles come with one flat side and one round side. The flat side generally goes away from where you insert your bobbin case. If your machine is skipping stitches, try a fresh needle. Once the needle dulls, or if you aren’t using the appropriate size/style for your project, the result can be skipped stitches. Basically, because the needle can’t get down through the fabric to meet the hook in the correct timing, the stitches aren’t forming.

For any of your sewing machine issues, please bring your sewing machine into Daley by the Yard to have one of our experienced technicians evaluate and fix the problem.

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