3 Day Serger Spectacular!
Saturday, October 7th - 9:00~4:00pm
Sunday, October 8th - 9:00~4:00pm
Monday, October 9th - 9:00~4:00pm
COST: $249 (includes everything needed, plus meals!)
INSTRUCTOR: Karen Clancy
Serger Spectacular is back! Don't miss it!
This class is for sergers owners of all brands, and non-owners alike.
Each student will be creating their very own 'spectacular serger reference library' containing step-by-step instructions and 35+ samples stitched during the class. They will learn how to incorporate the use of the on-board machine features and the variety of stitch options with both regular and decorative threads. In addition, they will learn how to use some of the additional presser feet/accessorites available. The fabric and trim package is provided and included in the cost of enrollment. Samples and ideas for applications in Home Decor, Quilting, as well as Clothing, and Crafting will be shared throughout the event. Plus much, much more!
 Space is limited, so sign up now!

Sampler Magic Block of the Month Club
THURS. September 21 from 10-12pm
COST: $30 (includes kit and pattern for blocks)
This block of the month is winding down, we'll be finishing up our blocks and quilt tops over the summer.
We'll be starting up again with a new quilt and pattern in the Fall 2017 - so if you're interested in joining a fun monthly quilty class, please join our waiting list! We'll alert you to the schedule and information as soon as we've straightened it out.

How to thread a Serger

COST: $20 plus a couple supplies!
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Daley Campbell
Let me guess, you have a serger - but you are either afraid to use it, or it frustrates the heck out of you!?
Join me for an hour and a half of both education and information that will leave you feeling confident and ready to serge. You have one of the best tools in the industry, and now it's time to learn how to use it. You'll learn not only how to thread your serger, but why you need to thread your serger sequentially - as well as some troubleshooting tips that will keep you from getting frustrated when you're home alone and having a problem! Please bring your serger, foot control and electrical cord, instruction manual, all accessories, scissors, tweezers, scrap fabric, cone thread, and your glasses if you need them!

How to operate a Sewing Machine

COST: $20 plus a couple supplies!
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Daley Campbell
This class is not as simple as it sounds, and is for anyone and everyone who wants to sew using a sewing machine. Whether you're a very, very beginner who hasn't taken their machine out of the box yet, or you're one of the extremely talented sewists who I've met who has made a wedding dress - you need to learn what I have to teach you in this class! You will learn how to thread a sewing machine, but additionally, why you need to thread your sewing machine the way you do. Not only will you learn some technical aspects of your sewing machine, but you will learn how to troubleshoot your own sewing machine - so that you do not get frustrated when you're home, alone, and experiencing a problem. You will not learn how to sew in this class, but you will leave feeling confident that you will be able to conquer whatever your creativity comes up with next time you're in front of your sewing machine. Please bring your sewing machine, foot control and electrical cord, instruction manual, all accessories, scissors, tweezers, scrap fabric, thread, and your glasses if you need them.

The Modern Sewing Machine
COST: $40 (includes kit)
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Daley Campbell
Modern sewing machines may look intimidating, but they are truly easier to use than the old Singer you've got at home! Lose the intimidation factor with this fun class that'll introduce you to what new machines have to offer, and how much of a snap they are to use! It's a class, not a sales pitch, so there's no pressure to buy - I just want you to see what's out there so when/if the time does come, you know what you're looking for!
You'll create a simple zipper pouch with an embroidered design on it. You'll learn how to seam it, finish the seams, insert the zipper, and how to put the design on it.

Foot Club
Saturday, August 19th - 10:30-12:30pm (Couching)

Saturday, September 16th - 10:30-12:30pm (Buttons + Buttonholes)

Saturday, October 21st - 10:30-12:30pm (Gathering)

Saturday, November 18th - 10:30-12:30pm (Circular Embroidery Attachment)

Saturday, December 16th - 10:30-12:30pm (Rolled Hems)


COST: $25/session (includes some supplies!)
INSTRUCTOR: Erin Daley Campbell
Foot Club is back, but with a new mission! We welcome all makes and models of sewing machine in this class so we can all learn the proper (and improper!) uses of our presser feet! If you do not own the presser foot needed for class, please give us a heads up so we can order one for you. You can't imagine how many people say "I got all these feet with my sewing machine, and I only use the zig zag foot!". Learn how to utilize different presser feet, they'll make your life a lot easier! After we learn a technique or two, your creative energy will be unleashed as you make a page for your Foot Scrapbook. Look at it as a passport of the cool stuff you did in class! Plus, you can use it as a reference if you ever want to use that foot again in the future!