summer sparkle - quilt along 

Do you participate in We All Sew's quilt alongs?

Summer Sparkle started 2 weeks ago. Last week, I worked on color choices and cutting out the pieces. The colors were supposed to give an ombre effect. Actually, the quilt made by Faith Jones (Fresh Lemons Quilts) for We All Sew was made with ombre fabric. However, I decided to challenge myself. I've never been very good at tones, and light to dark. I usually get caught up with just loving the fabric and thinking "well, this will work". Want proof? Look at any of my log cabin quilts.

I was chomping at the bit waiting for this week's instructions, which was piecing.

Sometimes I astound myself with how long it takes me to learn things. Many of my customers know about the sawtooth star quilt i started ::cough:: 3 years ::cough:: ago. It's sitting in a bin, in my unfinished projects area, because I HATE FLYING GEESE. Ok, now that that is out of my system. Why did I start a project with flying geese? I knew there were flying geese involved when I started cutting last week. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

That is all going to sound very negative, but I actually am having a good time so far.

The best advice I've ever been giving about sewing, is that if you make the same mistake twice, stop. I didn't take that advice yesterday. Now, I'm not sure if I was just having a bad day, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or if my Bernina was temporarily possessed; but I did not have much success with piecing yesterday. I also was feeling like rules don't apply to me, I'm dangerous when I get into that mood.

I sat down at the Bernina 880, which was threaded with embroidery thread in the top, and bobbin thread in the bottom. I bet you're all thinking "oh, well that's not a good set-up for quilting", well, I was too lazy to change it. I started working, and lo and behold, the tension was weird. I ignored it (I told you I was dangerous). I also had my 9mm plate on, so my fabric wasn't feeding well. Finally, I was using my 37D foot, without the dual feed plugged in. As you can see, I just wasn't in a good head space to start this project. This is my #sewtastrophe for the week.

I started fresh today, and I am making progress! I've got my straight stitch plate, my #37D foot (WITH the dual feed plugged in). I'm using normal mettler thread, and a schmetz sharp 8 needle.

Isn't it funny how much better your results are when you actually set everything up right?

I am supposed to be making the "big" stars in both the blue and pink ombre. The "small" stars become part of a bigger block, as you can see. I am rewarding myself with a "big" block after I finish a "small" block. I am finding the small flying geese very challenging. The "big" blocks are wonderful (easy). I'm on my way!

Are you quilting along! I'd love to see how you're doing. Post a photo of your progress here in the comments, or on my facebook!

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Join the Club! 

I am so excited to announce the line up of our new club classes! Together with some incredible teachers, Daley's new focus will be sew-cial education. Clubbers will meet monthly, learn new techniques, and make new friends who also love the art of sewing!
Each club will meet once a month to cover topics related to the club they are in. Some topics will be advanced, others will be beginner, but all of them will be fun! All club meetings are $20.00, which includes a kit that you will use in the class.

Enrollment for club classes is now open! Call, come in, or shoot me an e-mail to reserve your seat! 978-263-5900 /


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Luke Haynes' Deer Quilt Sew-Along 

Are you getting daily e-mails from WeAllSew yet?

I have seen some really neat items on WeAllSew, including the coiled rope bowls made out of clothesline. It's really a fun blog to follow, I highly recommend it.

The above Deer Quilt is a featured Sew-Along on WeAllSew with quilt architect, Luke Haynes.

I've decided I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to sew-along with this project. Go here to download how to get started!

My strong suit has never been choosing colors by light/medium/dark. However, Luke seems to have the same mindset with these things as I do. "There's nothing wrong with making two or three of any project til you feel it is right." I can go along with that!

Of course, I will not try really easy fabrics first, as Luke suggests. I've chosen grey prints.

My sewing studio is at least put together enough at this point where I'll be able to do part 2 of this week's assignment; which is to print out the Deer pattern, tape it together, and cut it out. I think I mentioned on Facebook and maybe to a few of you who I've seen lately that I am renovating my sewing room. I bought some new shelving and am rearranging my tables in hopes of fitting more work surfaces. Anyway, I do have my cutting table set up, so my homework tonight is making the paper templates.

Sew Along with Me!!

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