Luxury for Less! 

Are you familiar with "cuddle soft" fabrics? Have you seen the gorgeous, impossibly soft, over-sized throws being made with it? And the prices that are charged for them?! Daley by the Yard is now carrying some of this beautiful, luxurious fabrics from Shannon Fabrics. I made one of these super-simple throws for a grand total of $73.60 plus about an hour of my time. This is a substantial savings considering the prices you see of these blankets at boutiques!


I cut 2 yards of each fabric, the top and the bottom, and put them right side to right side. I used my serger to sew this up like a pillow, but this could also easily be accomplished with a sewing machine. I serged up 3 3/4 of the sides, leaving a small opening to flip the blanket right side out. After flipping, I slip-stitched the opening and then used the Bernina 780 to topstitch the sides. Yes, I could have left this step out, but nothing bothers me more than blankets that have the bottom sliding out under the top. The 780 has Dual Feed that I just clicked into action, and sewed right through both layers of this plush fabric. If you have a walking foot, that will also do the trick. You might be able to get away with using neither, but I do not want to find out.

This is a fabulous gift idea, whether it be a house-warming, the Holidays, or a baby shower! You'll be an instant hit, especially if you let on that you spent HALF of what these blankets are sold for. Who doesn't love a bargain?!

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This is an ikea dining chair that I bought 4 years ago, without a cover.

I finally got around to making one!























I very simply used this McCall pattern as a base and made alterations as needed.














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