straight stitch society 

I absolutely love the patterns and the philosophy of Straight Stitch Society. This is their "Feed the Animals" coin purse.

Their manifesto goes as follows:

1. Life is hard, sewing is easy.

2. When the going gets tough, the tough get sewing.

3. Sewing is cheaper than therapy and easier on your waistline than chocolate.

4. Don't make it if it's not super cute.

5. Don't let anyone trash talk your sewing skills. Especially your mother.

6. Sometimes a glass of wine really does improve your sewing. Or at least your attitude. Same difference.

7. A strategically used curse word can make you feel better when you need to get the seam ripper. But only the first time. After that you're a potty mouth.

8. No matter what happens, remember that it's only fabric.

9. If someone asks "Did you make that?" say "Yes" proudly and leave it at that, no matter how much you fudged along the way.

10. Sewing straight stitch society projects makes you thinner, younger, and richer. You'll see.

TOO CUTE. Straight Stitch Society puts out fun, easy patterns and projects that are useful and can be completed in a short amount of time. These are my favorite kind of sewing projects. They are funky, fresh, and you'd be happy to show off any of them. I made the delicious "Keep Your Cool" smartphone case last year. Featured is one of my many broken iPhones. I'd be much more cool if I wasn't constantly smashing the screens on my iPhones. Anyway...

I love projects that can be made with quilting weight cottons. It's soft, it's easy to work with, and it always has the most fun prints. All of Straight Stitch Society's patterns will be available here at the shop for the first week of September!

Happy Sewing!

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bobbinwork & reverse quilting 

Did you know you could work with these size threads/floss/ribbon in your sewing machine? If you put them in the bobbin, you can!

I decided to make a bed scarf to spruce up my boring, white comforter. I used 2 fabrics from the Collage line. I did some reverse quilting, following the pattern on the backing fabric.

The trick is to use a normal, 40 weight thread in the top of your machine. I just used Mettler Metrosene, in white and a variegated teal green. For the bobbin, I used both Razzle Dazzle and embroidery floss. Both gave me no issues inside the machine. All of these threads are available at the shop.

The trick to this technique is the tension. I used the Bernina 880 to work on this. There's a little tool that you stick on the bobbincase, and you just click the tension wherever, and then set it back in the middle to go back to normal sewing.

For all other machines, I recommend investing in a second bobbin case. Because you have to mess around with the tension on the bobbin case quite a bit to get the stitches to look right, it might be hard to get it back to 'normal' for regular sewing. Bernina makes special bobbin cases for bobbin work.  If you don't use a Bernina, just put a touch of nail polish on your bobbin work case so you know the difference. If you need a second case to give this technique a whirl, get in touch with me, and I'll order one for you.

For you bobbin tension, turn down. If your tension is too tight, the thread will have trouble moving through the case, and may break or jam. However, you don't want it so loose that your bobbin thread shows on the top side of what you're working on. You can also tweek your top tension, by turning it up to offset the low tension underneath.

Here is a link to WeAllSew that I found with tips on free motion.

Have you played with bobbin work before? How was your result? Share your story here, or on our Facebook page!

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