Bernina Adjustable Ruler foot #72 

By cruising around our website or store location in Action, MA, you may have noticed that Daley by the yard offers the complete line of Bernina sawing machines. We believe in this product. It offers a certain level of quality, sophistication and value. One of these qualities is the Adjustable ruler #72. This foot allows you to sew along longarm quilting rulers to create decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers, circles etc. Any commercial Plexiglas longarm quilting rulers with a ¼ inch thickness can be used. The height of the foot's sole makes it possible to quilt along all the edges of these rulers which is of utmost importance especially with circles.


We especially love the 7 series for this technique. With 10" of space to the right of the needle, there is plenty of room to maneuver both your quilt, and the ruler. The hover feature and the FHS knee lift make repositioning yourself and your project easy and comfortable.
With this technique the feed dog is lowered and the fabric with the Plexiglas ruler is guided manually with the base of the foot resting against the edge of the ruler. Due to the adjustment dial the height of the foot can be adjusted to match the fabric thickness individually so that the fabric can be moved smoothly and without getting stuck. Moreover, this additional option provided by the adjustable foot height extends the scope of applications for Bernina sewing machines without the function ‘automatic presser foot pressure/presser foot height.

Please stop by our store so that we can offer a demonstration of a Bernina sawing machine.

Posted by DaleyByTheYard Admin Friday, May 19, 2017 6:03:00 PM