Why you should purchase your sewing machine from a small specialty store 

Stay away from cheap units at the "big box store"

Why you should purchase your next sewing machine from a small business



It's easy to understand the temptation of purchasing a sewing machine online. It seems convenient, most likely less expensive, and comes directly to your door. 


However, if you're not a sewing machine expert; how can you be sure you're choosing the right machine for your needs? How do you know it's of good quality? What happens if you have trouble operating it?  Where am I going to get customer support from a sewing expert? 



Check out this actual review taken from a “big box stores” website about the purchase of a sewing machine:



This machine has now broken on me twice, and let me tell you, I have barely used it so there was just no reason at all for it to stop working. I think it is just poorly made.  I repaired it the first time, but I refuse to put more money into it. I'd rather put the money toward a better machine. 


Don’t let this happen to you. This is where purchasing your new sewing machine from the experts at Daley by the Yard is a huge added value that you cannot get from purchasing online or at a big box store. At Daley by the Yard we are always a visit, e-mail or phone call away. We can help your troubleshoot your machine, teach you how to operate it, and even support you on sewing techniques like inserting zippers and free motion quilting. Our sewing machines starting at only $99 and it only makes it sense to take advantage of our expertise! When you are ready come and see us in Acton!

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Clothing is an investment... In YOURSELF 

Don't buy "one size fits all"

Invest in Yourself


Why your clothing is an investment, and why your tailor is your best friend. We live in an age where clothing has become "disposable", but it's not a positive change! Not even delving into the mistreatment of humans who work in the factories in the countries manufacturing these items, the quality of the materials and the finished garments is substandard. How many times have you picked up inexpensive clothing only to find it didn't survive the washing machine? Then it goes into the garbage, and into a landfill. This is not a sustainable way to live, folks! Purchasing well-made garments is an investment. Yes, they cost more but they will last you many years! Not only that, but you can justify the small cost of having an experienced tailor, like Daley by the Yard's Jacki Robichaud, alter your clothing to fit you perfectly! You can only make a first impression once, so make sure it's a good one! 


Quality clothing makes you look and feel good


People come in all shapes and sizes, yet a lot of cheap clothing is mass produced in a “one shape fits all” manner. Low-quality dress shirts, for example, look terrible on people not shaped a specific way. If a shirt is too loose or tight in the wrong places, you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, and it shows in your body language. If it fits you well and you’re comfortable, however, you can get a nice confidence boost. Using the same example, quality dress shirts will often come in a variety of cuts, so no matter what shape you are, you’re bound to find one that you feel good wearing. Even if you can’t, you can and should get it fitted to you (more on that later.)

Whether we like it or not, clothing is also a part of our identity. Your clothes can emphasize social status, as well as a certain level of professionalism. A few quality outfits can make you look like a go-getter that takes pride in your appearance. Spending money on quality clothes might seem frivolous if you’re a frugal person, but in some cases you can’t afford to not spend the money, especially if you’re trying to land a job or network with colleagues. Stop by Daley by the Yard and we can ensure that you look and feel great.

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