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broken iron iron maiden daley by the yard

SO THIS HAPPENED. My poor iron is currently being held together by washi tape. Which really isn't the safest idea, but I had a project to finish. The only upside, is that now I get to get a new iron!

Some of you have heard a few of my horror stories about this iron. We have an Oliso here in the shop, with little legs that lift it up off the ironing board. I got used to the little legs. But my iron at home has no legs. Irons generally can't be left face down on the board. OOPS.

But now that I'm faced with the decision of purchasing a new iron, I want to know all of my options. I figured we've all been here, are here, or will be here, so this will be a great reference.



The Micro Fine Smart ~ The TG1050 may be the most standard of the Olisio irons but make no mistake, it is no average steam iron. It boasts a soleplate 3.7 times thicker than the industry standard. Why does this matter? The sheer weight of the soleplate retains more heat and creates pressure so you don't have to. Worried about the weight? Don't be, with Oliso iTouch technology you never have to lift up the iron! 2 year warranty available directly from ($129.99, available at Daley By The Yard) *This is the one we use in the classroom!

The Ultra Precision Smart ~ Have a wrinkle-free ironing experience with the micro fine smart iron! With effortless glide, the ultra-premium soleplate with beadblast chromium finish delivers scratch resistance and durability, and has a pointed detailer for pressing close stitches. Continuous horizontal or vertical blasts of powerful steam are provided by the Tripleplay Xtremesteam function, with an anti-drip system to prevent spitting and leaking while the iron is hot. Deep, penetrating heat allows for quicker pressing times, while iTouch technology allows the iron to stay horizontal and raise or lower with a touch of your hand - no more repetitive lifting, and less risk of burns! Includes an extra large side-loading water tank for easy access, quad auto shut-off, a 10'8" cord with 360-degree pivot. 2 year warranty available directly from ($179.99, available at Daley by the Yard)

The Pro Zone Smart ~ Features include: premium stainless steel soleplate with large pressing surface; premium bead blast finish; optimized iTouch technology with extra-wide scorch guards for maximum stability; pro-level extended safety auto-shut off; auto-lift. 1800 watts with 12 ft. long cord. 2 year warranty available directly from ($199.99, available at Daley By The Yard)



First Class Travel ~ Remember this little bugger from our grand opening? This compact iron is a high performance iron that performs traditional ironing tasks with ease. It is ideal for crafting, quilting, and travel. Features include: A Microsteam Stainless Steel Soleplate that allows for superior glide and temperature distribution; Burst of Steam: provides a powerful burst that is both vertical & constant at a steady rate; True Dual Voltage:two heating elements ensure the iron is as powerful at 120 volts as it is at 240 volts; Full range thermostat; Water tank capacity 2.4 oz; A handle that folds flat for storage; Includes a travel pouch. All consumer product concerns should be handled with Rowenta directly. ($50.00, available at Daley By The Yard)

Pro Master ~ The DW8090 Pro Master is the newest generation of the professional iron with a dramatic new European design and updated features. The new Microsteam stainless steel soleplate with precision tip offers advanced steam distribution and professional results. The increased variable steam and burst of steam performance simply melts wrinkles away. All consumer product concerns should be handled with Rowenta directly. ($125.00, available at Daley By The Yard)

Eco Intelligence ~ A revolutionary energy saving iron that reduces the energy consumption of an iron, while maintaining professional and efficient quality. Exclusive steam optimization system offering 3 settings: Dry, Eco, and Boost. Integrated anti-scale system removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. With a soft grip handle and a large soft-touch rear that provides extra stability when iron is on its heel. ($150.00, available at Daley by the Yard)

Pressure Iron and Steamer ~ The Rowenta DG5030 Pressure Iron & Steamer saves time and money and you still get professional results. This is an ironing system that provides all the efficency of a commercial ironing system. Unrivalled steam performance for profesional quality results. Pressure steam on demand is delivered via a 6' steam cord, and the compact base and 12' power cord provide convenience. The large 33 oz water tank for up to 1 1/2 hours of ironing autonomy, combined with the stainless-steel soleplate reduces ironing time. ($215.00, available at Daley by the Yard)

Well, I can tell you right off the bat what my decision will be. I just got a notice from National Grid informing me that energy bills will be up 33% November 1st-April 1st. But I do the bulk of my sewing in the winter!! I've got my eye on that Eco Intelligence from Rowenta. As much as I love the little legs of the Oliso, I can enjoy them when I'm here at the shop. All of these irons are great. Oliso and Rowenta are both superb companies. There's something for everyone in this mix. I know Jan Bickford uses the Pressure Iron and Steamer from Rowenta. I'm sure you've seen it if you've taken her classes!

Which iron do you use? What features do you enjoy, and which features do you wish you had? Share your story here in the comments, or on our facebook page!

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